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Our team operates within a network of carefully selected Partners and Suppliers who share our customer service philosophy and are skilled to provide services of the highest quality, 24×7 support, security and respect for privacy.

Our major objective? A guest who has enjoyed every minute of their touring experience with us and looks forward to renew the experience seeking once again our assistance and know-how.

Thanks to our hard work and customer care, we enjoy a large number of referred business from clients keen to share with friends and relatives the joy of touring Sicily, Italy, and Europe with us. 

What more can we ask for?

Accoutrement Gourmet Tours have been exclusively using Echoes Events now for the last 5 years and we couldn’t be happier. They have organised our ground transport needs in Sicily, Veneto, Puglia and Piemonte, have booked ferry tickets, museum passes and emergency hotels all with the utmost professionalism. Maria and Gaetano have accompanied the tours and have been invaluable in providing out clients with the high end service they expect, ranging from historical information to emergency hospital visits. Luxury tours are stressful to organise but with Maria and Gaetano on board, our load is lightened. We look forward to many more years travelling with you both! Lots of love Sue and Jenna

Accoutrement Cooking School, Australia - september 2017

We got all the way to the top. Walked inside two of the craters and around one. The last crater was too active to go near. Our feet were hot in thongs put it that way. It was spectacular. More than I could have hoped for. I loved it.
Another big think you to Gaetano Failla and Maria Sanciolo-Bell and Suzanne Marie Thomas for a truly wonderful experience of Sicily. Full of adventure, knowledge, love, special moments and incredible food and insane history and architecture. Big love for Sicily.

Belinda Anderson - Melbourne - in Sicily July 2017

Maria and Gaetano, Thank you so much for the email outlining where we have been in Sicily. As much as we felt we did see, there is obviously so, so much more. Since returning home we have been asked many times, which part of our European holiday was our favourite? There is only one answer, Gaetano and his passion for the country of many riches, Sicily!
 Looking forward to when we meet again mate.
Cheers, Greg and Belinda

Greg Newton and Belinda Anderson - in Sicily July 2017

Truly a breathtaking experience. Huge appreciation to Gaetano Failla for giving us this experience and sharing his heartfelt connection with Sicily.

Greg Newton Melbourne - in Sicily July 2017

We are safely home, a little tired from the flight . I wanted to thank Echoes and you again for the wonderful tour of Sicily . The places you took us to were fantastic and very interesting. As always the food was magnificent and I feel as though I made new friends at the BandB we stayed at. I promise to send you pics sometime this week. My wish is to remain friends and I hope you will carry me in your heart to all the places you travel to. 

Much love, Robbi

Robbi Chiara - USA Houston - In Sicily May 2017

We had so much fun with you Maria and Gaetano in Sicily! Hope to make it back again soon! Ciao Echoes !

Kenny Montano USA  - In Sicily March 2014  

Thanks Echoes !  Everyone was excited and they want to thank us for the Tour that for them it was Fantastic! They still receive feedback from Pax that they can not forget about us and Sicily and who want to book with us for the 2015 Sicily tour with Echoes. Jenna

Sue Jenkins e Steve Manfredi - Australia Sydney - in Sicily 2013 - 

We wanted to thank you and Echoes for a wonderful holiday in Sicily, it was certainly the highlight of our time away.We feel privileged to be introduced as part of the Australian Delegation!! And all the treats that included, wonderful gourmet dinner with Alfio and Gaetano, being the guests of two mayoral receptions, museums opened on Sunday, pre lunch drinks with mad countesses and all the special places that our small bus took us, besides having the company of friends. We loved Sicily and I think that is partly because you all love it and shared that with us. Gaetano was a treasure and Maria, you and he make a great touring team.  I hope your ankles have returned to normal and the dry wall people were not as odd as they sounded.
Love Marg and Pete

Margaret Winderhalder - Perth Australia - In Sicily November 2012 

Dear Gaetano, We were so lucky to have Echoes assistance in your beautiful country. I miss you already. As nice as Sorrento and Roma was it didn’t come close to Sicily. You and your wife have an open invitation to Casa Taormina here in USA, I hope you book it soon. Stay well my friend. When I get around to it I will forward my photo album. Ciao
Tomy Taormina

Tom Taormina - USA  - In Sicily  september 2012

Good morning Gaetano, Thank you very much for the photos, they are very much appreciated.  It was lovely to meet you and we all had a lovely time in Sicily.Best wishes.
Lesley and Ivor Johnston

Lesley and Ivor Johnston  - Ireland - In Sicily May 2012

Dear Gaetano and Echoes
Apologies for not getting in touch sooner.
We had a fantastic time in Sicily.  The wine tasting, the food and the weather were wonderful.
I congratulate you on your choice of venues and I thank you for your assistance and friendship.
Should you decide to come to Ireland or wish to do business here please let me know.
Kindest regards from all in our group.
Best wishes.
David Wells

David Wells  - Ireland - In Sicily May 2012 

Dear. Mr Gaetano and Echoes,The tour was successful. All pax have come out happy: not only the tasting part, but all the rest (art, history, landscape, contacts, services) found favorable feedback.
A big deal is definitely for you, so I thank you for the excellent work.
If we have any requests for his beloved Sicily, we will contact you.
Best regards, Angelo

By Cavalier Travel - Rovigo Italy - Ireland Group - May 2012

Hello our friend Gaetano and Echoes It seems like yesterday that we were with you having our fabulous Sicily adventure. We look back on our time with great joy and affection.We imagine that you have been travelling your beautiful country and sharing it’s secrets with other travellers. We dream of joining you again. With our love and best wishes From you Sydney friends
Carriline Family

Andrew, Isaac, Liam and Jody Carriline - Sydney  - In Sicily July 2011 

Hello our friend Gaetano and Echoes It seems like yesterday that we were with you having our fabulous Sicily adventure. We look back on our time with great joy and affection.We imagine that you have been travelling your beautiful country and sharing it’s secrets with other travellers. We dream of joining you again. With our love and best wishes From you Sydney friends
Carriline Family

Andrew, Isaac, Liam and Jody Carriline - Sydney  - In Sicily July 2011 

Dear Echoes,We want to say thank you again. It was unforgettable and interesting day. Special thanks for charming guide Leticia. When we will come back, to Lithuania this day will leave with us.Best Regards,
Arturas and Snaiguole

Arturas and Snaiguole  - Lithuania - In Sicily  july 2009 

Hi Stephanie,
I just returned from a wonderful trip.  Thanks once again thanks for all  your help. The recommendation for ground transportation was excellent. Gaetano and his people from Echoes were superb. I would recommend Them to all your clients.
Best Regards,
Michael Sabella

Michael Sabella - USA NY - TO his Travel Agent - AAA Mid Atlantic NY - June 2011

Gaetano ! This is just a quick note, in English if you don’t mind, to thank you and Echoes, for making our weekend in southern Sicily absolutely unforgettable. For one thing, the excitement generated over here by finding Teresa’s and Wilfred’s father’s house was amazing. And a cousin, too! I’ve never seen the family so animated – and so close! Wonderful! This would not have happened without your help! For another, we still can’t believe how much we crammed into those few days, thanks to your incredible talents! Memories were made that will last a life-time. I hope you don’t mind, but we’ve raved about you to everyone we’ve talked to here, especially the travel agents at American Express, in particular Scott Beacom,  who looked after all the little details that made the trip possible. Also, our pictures turned out spectacularly well and the people we have shown them to have been stunned by the beauty of Sicily. If only a few of them follow through with a vacation there, you could be even busier than ever. Again, words really can’t express our appreciation for all you did for us that weekend.
Best wishes!
John Wardle

John Wardle - USA - In Sicily May 2009 looking for relatives 

Firstly – many, many thanks for the contact you gave us in Sicily.  Terry and I  were delighted to meet Gaetano and so enjoyed the tour he put together for us.  He was so obliging and helpful and very pleasant company.  We could not have had a better tour guide. I intend to write to him – but when you are in touch with him – please express our gratitude for the experience he gave us on that day. We would have liked to have had a longer time in Taormina  and a longer tour with Gaetano.  This was our only disappointment. Gaetano also referred us to a tour service in Palermo  and we had a Silvano take us on a day trip covering  Segesta, Marsala, Trapani and Erice This too was a magic trip and we were very well looked after and provided with a lot of information.  He was very good, and a very pleasant person to be with for the day.  Our only concern with him was that he drove too fast.  But we discovered that this is how it is in many parts of Italy and Sicily, so it could not be considered a personal or individual trait.  Some of us Australians,  generally, like it a bit slower.  
Gaetano was just the right  speed. 
Sicily was probably the highlight of our nine week trip to Italy, Loved the people and loved the place. Thought Palermo was wonderful and the Cathedral at Monreale just amazing. 
In Erice we met a lovely woman Maria Grammatico in her pastry shop She showed us her book and out of it fell your business card.
Quite a surprise –  Her pastries were absolutely delicious.
Thank you once again for your assistance and referrals and help generally to see your wonderful  Sicily.
I am interested in your cookery and will look at the information again to check dates etc. I have a couple of other people who are interested – so I will check with them again and get back to you on this as soon as I can.
King Rgards
Patricia Walker

Patricia O'Gready (Walker) Australia - In Sicily  October 2009 

Buongiorno  Gaetano desidero ringraziare te e la Echoes per il tempo dedicato al mio gruppo ieri mattina. Sono rimasti tutti entusiasti di quello che ci avete fatto vedere! E’ stato un piacere conoscerti di persona e spero che si possano stabilire rapporti duraturi e di mutua soddisfazione.
Saluti   Roberto

Roberto Pasqui - Travel Agent Pisa Italy - In Sicily with his Group october 2008

Hi Maria,
Thanks to you and Echoes for everything. I absolutely LOVED my tour in Sicily with Gaetano – he was a GREAT tour guide and I will definitely recommend this to all my friends and family. Customer service was A+ and the experience surpassed my expectations.
Cheers,  Kallia

Kallia Monsour - Inghilterra Londra - in Sicily Septemper 2008