Culinary and eno-gastronomic tours of Sicily

Come with us and discover the real treasures of Sicilian cuisine and the exquisite wines produced on a variety of soils and altitudes.

Sicilian cooking blends flavors, textures and ingredients from the culinary heritage of those cultures that have dominated the island for the last three thousand years.  Sicilian cuisine is highly diversified according to each geographic location, local history, culture and tradition, local produce and manufacturing techniques. Broadly it can be divided into 3 main culinary heritages: Eastern Sicily –Greek and Byzantine, Central Sicily – Middle Eastern and Spanish, Western Sicily –   Arabic, French and North African.

Being at the center of the Mediterranean commerce routes, Sicilian cuisine was one of the first in Italy to adopted a number of ingredients from the Americas and the Far East and integrate them not only in the cuisine of the rich, but also in simple, wholesome family cooking. 

Our culinary and eno-grastronomic Tours allow you to trace the evolution of Sicilian cuisine in a three dimensional journey of flavors, cooking styles and local traditions.  You will visit homes, eating houses, trattorie and restaurants that define Sicilian cooking and you will taste the best food and wine the island has to offer.

In addition, should you wish it, we can organize for you cooking classes with top chefs or local cooks. These hands-on experiences – delivered in simple country kitchens, restaurants and where-ever good food is made,  will provide you with skills, local know-how and the joy of preparing  great dishes steeped in history and tradition.

Our culinary tours can solely focus on food and/or wine or present food and wine as elements of other Tours (Bespoked, Family, Theme) to pepper, extend and colour your touring experience.

If you are travelling with children, a cooking class can be an added fun activity for them.

To enhance our culinary experience, on request we can integrate to your tour visits to farms, orchards, food factories and production plants (oil presses, salt mills, cheese makers, bee keepers etc.…) as well as vineyards, wine cellars and food retailing shops. The visits can provide an added enjoyable educational element to families touring with children.

Special touring programs are available for Food Professionals, Chefs and Winemakers.

Let us know you requirements and we will do the rest!

Cost of tours varies according to focus, length, time of year, number of participants.

Cooking Class

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Sicilian Street Food

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Wine Tours

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Some Typical Produce of Sicily

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Some Sicilian Sweets

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