Itineraries for parents who wish to spend an unforgettable holiday with their children.

T o u r P r o g r a m

Our family friendly Peter Pan Tours are ideal for parents travelling with children. The Tours feature
a host of itineraries specifically designed to cater for and interest both adults and young travellers. 
The itineraries include a variety of outdoor activities, adventure experiences and visits to a host of natural locations that showcase the beauty of Sicily and its culture, history and folklore. 
The Tours are paced to meet the needs of young families and include family friendly accommodation, restaurants, multi-lingual guides and baby sitting (on request).

Age : suitable for children ranging from seven to sixteen years of age.
Accomodation : Historical dwellings, Hotels, B&B, Farms, Chalets, Residences

Family Activities / Escursions to choose from:

Please note : Some of the activities listed below are, because of their nature, only available at certain times of the year


1    –   Parks and Natural Reserves – there are 78 in Sicily to  choose from!

2 – The Gardians of Mt Etna – Ancient trees and woods

3 – Zoo Safari, Acquariums and Water Parks

4 – The Butterfly House – Local and exotic species

5 – The flight of the Hawk – Falconry demonstrations

6 – The Silk Worm – Discovery journey in the production of silk

7 – The Deer’s habitat – witness wild Deer running free in some breathtaking landscapes

8 – The world of Bees – Discover the secrets of local apiculture and honey production

9 – The gift of She-Donkey – Visit to a She-Donkeys’ farm producing milk for medicinal purposes

10 – A friend called Horse – Enjoy time with horses and learn all about local breeds


11Volcanic phenomenons – Discover the power of Mt Etna, Europes biggest and most active volcano and the Hot Mud baths of the Aeolian islands  

12The Lava Caves of Mt Etna – Explore caves created by lava flows, big and small.


13 Pre-historic Sicily – A journey through time and archaelogical treasures

14The Tholos: stone upon a stone – Ancient stone buildings

15Castles of Sicily – Discover the grand legacy of past dominations and visit some of the most beautiful Medieval Castles in Europe

16 The Sicilian Puppet Theatre – Enjoy the skill and beauty of this folkloric art form recognised by  UNESCO in 2001 as part of humanity’s “oral and intangible heritage”

17The Allies Landing in Sicily in 1943 – Discover the history of the greatest war time landing of WWII second only to the D DAY landings of 1944

18A Store Room full of Memories – A journey down memory lane to rediscover long gone  arts, crafts customs, traditions, and life style of Sicily

19 – train called Museum – A unique Museum – set up inside disused railway wagons – which  displays exhibits related to the life of local peasants and miners

20 Multicultural Sicily – Discover the treasures the many civilizations that dominated Sicily


21 –  Life on the farm – Traditional cheese making

22The Grape Harvest – Join grape pickers in the fields and harvest some of the best grapes Italy produces.

23The Wheat Festival – Enjoy the colour, sounds and tradition of  local Wheat festivals

24The world of the fishermen – Spend a few hours as guests of Sicilian fishermen and go fishing with them on their traditional boats or commercial fishing boats.

25The Tuna Hunt – Witness the spectacle of the traditional hunt of the tuna fish.

26The Sword Fish Hunt – spend the day on board of a feluca, a traditional Sword Fish boat, and chase this majestic fish through the blue waters of the Strait of Messina have left behind and how their time in Sicily has shaped local customs and lifestyle.


27The world of the Malavoglia and Ulysses’ sea – Meet the characters and locations that have inspired some great works of literature.

28Life and times of great Sicilian writers: Verga – Pirandello – Quasimodo –     Tomasi di Lampedusa – Sciascia  – Camilleri


29The Gurrida lake

30The papyrus of ancient Egypt

31Dinner on the shores of a subterrenian river, inside a lava cave

32A subterranian church carved inside a mineral salt mine

33A 5000 years old calendar 

34A village in a Cave

35A Village of cave dwellings

36 – The harp played by the wind – the Home of music


37 – Around Sicily by bike

38 – On board a glass bottom boat sailing amongst the isles of the Cyclops

39 –    Canoeing up a river

40Excursions on board of a Quad bike

41A stroll in a river flowing inside a lava canyon

42Let’s try go-carting !  

43Sightseeing from an ultralight plane

44On a donkey carovan through the craters and the walking tracks of Mt.    Etna.  

Cost of Tours are relative to the number of guests on tour, itinerary and services selected and timeframes involved