Itineraries highlighting cultural events and special locations

Sicily is rich in history, art, natural beauty, geological wonders, colours, sounds, flavours and much, much more…… These themes are woven by us into the fabric of every tour we offer however, should you like to focus on a particular theme or you would like to weave into your tour a number of themes of particular interest to you, choose from the list below and let us know so that we can integrate them  in your tour.

Accredited multilingual local guides are available to accompany you on request.

Our Theme to choose from:

Visit native woodlands, discover local flora and fauna, discover Sicily’s lakes and rivers, visit National and Regional Parks, Marine Reserves, visit lava or sandy beaches, swim in secluded coves, or the open Mediterranean sea, climb the highest mountain in Sicily, discover the secrets of the deepest gorges and enjoy nature in all its wonders!


Explore the power of the largest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world, visit it craters, caves and unique geological formations, explore the aftermath of ancient and recent eruptions, experience the thrill of swimming in a river flowing in lava gorge,  visit its villages and meet the people who call Mt Etna home, discover local cottage industries, meet its artisans and craftsmen, visit its farms, walk through its ancient woodlands, taste its delicacies, visit its vineyards, taste the exquisite wines produced on the mountain, discover its unique flora and fauna.


Admire prehistoric cave paintings, explore medieval towns, cities of historical significance, historical dwellings, palaces, museums, churches and monasteries, locations where battles that marked the history of the island and Italy were fought and won.


Visit pre-historical sites, sites related to Phoenician, Greek, Carthagean,  Roman, Arab, Norman, Spanish, French, Northern European dominations, ancient Jewish Mikveh (ritual baths), Christian Catacombs, archaeological museums (some of which are the best in the world), Greek and Roman amphitheaters, military fortifications.

THEME 5 – INDUSTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY – Industrial Practices and technologies from the past

Visit mines, watermills, salt works, processing plants and much more….


Sicilian Baroque buildings, cities and decorations, Norman castles and churches, Greek and Roman public buildings and fortifications, Roman villas, Temples, Tholos, Muragghi, Dry Stone walls and structures, Royal palaces, Cathedrals, the Liberty Style in Sicily.


No other region of Italy is the subject of so many legends and myths as Sicily; visit locations connected to ancient myths and legends: Punta Faro (the sea monster Charybdis), daughter of Poseidon, god of the sea, who would fed by swallow large amounts of water, drawing to her the boats of sailors who navigated the Strait of Messina  –  Aeolian Islands (the home of Aeolus the Greek demi- god Keeper of the winds) – Mt Eryx (named after the Greek hero Eryx) son of Aphrodite, He built  the celebrated temple to the goddess on top of the mountain-  the Cyclops Rocks – Riviera of the Cyclops (from Homer’s Odyssey – these are the rocks thrown by Polyphemus, son of the sea god Poseidon against Odysseus (Ulysses) and his companions – Aci Castello, Acitrezza, Acireale (Myth of Acis and Galatea) from Ovid’s Metamorphoses – the love story of the nymph Galatea and the shepherd Acis, son of Pan – God of the wild, flocks and nature – Siracusa (The fountain of Arethusa) – named after the nymph Arethusa who fled from her home in Arcadia, beneath the sea, and came up as a fresh water fountain in Ortygia – Enna (Lake of Pergusa) on whose shores unfolded the story of Persephone and the myth of the seasons – Messina (Colapesce) – a fisherman’s son who had great skill in swimming under the water and who, the myth says, ‘till today holds up one of the three columns that support the island of Sicily – Catania (the magician Eliodoro) who created from the lava from Mt Etna, an elephant whom he rode over the city while he casted his spells .


Visit  Ethnographic Museums that gather objects from everyday life in old Sicily,  experience elements of popular culture (festivals, processions, feasts days activities, carnivals) that are still part of Sicilian life, see ancient crafts being practiced today, enjoy the local traditional cuisine of Sicily in all its many permutations- according to location and local history, delight yourself tasting the many different wines produced in Sicily and visiting the excellent wine cellars located throughout the island , enjoy the sounds of local Sicilian language in the streets, the markets or through the island’s musical tradition, famous story tellers (cantastorie) or traditional Puppet Theatre (UNESCO listed).


Discover internationally recognized Sicilian Artists of the past and present….Antonello da Messina, Gaggini, Serpotta, Guttuso …., visit Art Galleries, Modern Art Museums, Churches and historical homes rich in artistic treasures, draw, paint, sculpt, photograph  in Sicily alone or under the guidance of an accredited teacher.


Visit the set locations of internationally acclaimed films:

Luchino Visconti’s La Terra Trema (The House of the Meddler Tree) (1948),

Roberto Rossellini’s Stromboli Terra di Dio (1949) –

Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’Avventura (The Adventure) (1960) –

Pietro Germi’s Divorzio all’italiana (Divorce Italian style) (1961) –

Luchino Visconti’s Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) (1963) –

Francis Ford Coppola’s :

The Godfather Part 1 (1972), The Godfather Part 2 (1974) The Godfather Part 3 (1990)

Giuseppe Tornatore’s :

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988) – Giuseppe Tornatore’s  Baaria (2009) –

Ispettore Montalbano (Inspector Montalbano) TV series (1999-2017)