Tours of Sicily linked to tours of other italian destinations and abroad.

Italy is a land of great beauty and it is the dream of every tourist to see as such of it as possible. During your next trip to Italy, you may want visit a number of regions, so why not consider the following combinations itineraries. Choose what appleas to you and call us….we will organise it for you and with a minimum of fuss you will be there to enjoy: 

Sicily + Sardinia
The two biggest islands of the Mediterranean - each with its unique history and rugged beauty. Discover the folklore, customs, food, wines, natural beauty and meet some truly remarkable people.
Sicily + Puglia
The histories of these two southern regions of Italy are connected, as is their agrarian past. Compare and contrast the regional cultures, agricultural produce, the art, crafts and local traditions.
Sicily + Amalfi Coast
SEA is the key word in this tour that focus on the beauty of the Mediterranean, its coastlines, villages, balmy nights, great local cuisine, music and song
Sicily + Pompei+ Caserta – The ancient city of Pompei - located at the foot of Mt Vesuvio, the opulent Royal Palace of Caserta - famous for its stunning gardens and home of the King of the Two Sicilies, the historical palaces and castles of Sicily are all highlights of this interesting itinerary steeped in history and beauty.
Sicily + Rome, Florence and Venice
Art and architecture spanning from Roman times to the Renaissance and beyond, exquisite craftsmanship from simple ceramics to leatherwork, refined jewellery to delicate glasswork are to be enjoyed alongside iconic locations, and exquisite food and wines.
Sicily + Malta
In prehistoric times a part of the landmass of Sicily, Malta is today located only 80 km south, between Sicily and the northern coast of Africa. Both islands complement each other beautifully and offer a fun rich, exciting vacation. Sicily is well networked to the mainland and Malta by planes and ferries and, being located at the centre of the Mediterranean sea, is the perfect location for its climate, natural beauty, richness of culture and history and culinary delights!
The itineraries are flexible to reflect personalized timeframes. Clients requirements regarding each locations can be added to their preferred tour of Sicily + other destinations. Cost of Tours are relative to the number of guests on tour, itinerary services selected and timeframes involved.
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